Our limitations not only enable the first vital learnings, but also allow occasional creative break-ups (Howard Gardner)

Creative pulsation techniques


  • Introduction: historical and oral tradition references.
  • Models: binary, ternary and quaternary. Combinatory.
  • Technical exercises of adaptation: chromatic and modal training.
  • Mixed techniques: tremolos, arpeggios, scales and melodic phrasing.
  • Studies: ethnic rhythms.
  Tremolo and variation on the famous falseta por bulerías by the maestro Diego del Gastor. 
The tremolo technique is based on the application of the dedillo.

Nail glissando

  • Introduction: Oral tradition references.
  • Preparation of the nail.
  • Studies: melismas and ornaments.

Nail harmonics with anchored ring

  • Introduction: natural harmonics
  • Presentation of the technique.
  • Development in different rhythms.


Method of initiation

By Guitar Mouth

  • Instrumental theory and muscle mechanics.
  • Bodily tempo and verbal rhythm.
  • Introduction to practice.
  • Repertoire of composition.
  • Classical and popular music.
  • World music.