ORIRI Creative Guitar Concert 

Classical Guitar /Jazz

Dario Moreira develops in the ORIRI Creative Guitar Concert, a style of guitar that connects with the oriental music, from the technical innovation of the Classical Guitar.

The repertoire is structured in different forms and tunings, interweaving in the strings of the guitar mysterious sonorities, that discover us a land to explore. The guitar thus becomes a continent of sound… an unlimited world that continues to evolve, thanks to the contribution of the different guitarist composers of the world.



A Bordo da Guitarra

Classical /jazz guitar – Traditional Music

The composer takes the baton from Baroque and Renaissance musicians like Santiago de Murcia, follows the Silk Road to the East, and continues his creative journey, arriving at American shores.

Moreira brings to the artistic heritage of emigration, the rich timbre, harmony and rhythm of the guitar, highlighting the confluences between American and Galician culture in music.



Didactic Concert: By Guitar Mouth 

Interactive meeting with the composer, which promotes creativity in learning.

The exploration of the guitar from a new, curious look at the influences of a world that seems more and more diverse and mixed, takes us into new didactic routes.

The initial level repertoire is made up of rhythmic games, songs created by boys and girls, adaptations of traditional themes and didactic compositions for guitar groups.

For advanced guitarists, the composer shares his palette of resources, showing a range of innovative technical possibilities. The advanced repertoire includes the presentation of each technique and its relationship with other string instruments, the translation of ethnic rhythms into the language of the guitar, the hearing and analysis of different musical modes, the improvisation and interpretation of traditional music, and a selection of composition repertoire.