ORIRI Creative Guitar Concert

“ Congratulations for the dynamism and beauty and invention in your record. You take the instrument to new orbits! Impressive!”

Hopkinson Smith, specialist in ancient plucked string instruments.

María Zambrano is a fundamental reference point in the concept of the new album of composition for guitar ORIRI, because her philosophy invites us to enter into worlds of reflection, in contact with a reality that many of us have had to live, due to her condition of exile, and also due to her personal search, which continues to be alive today through different voices.

From the number, as an energy that has the virtue of putting in action and mobilizing the sound, the composer develops a variety of forms with which to express the movement and dynamism present in nature. The use of alternative tunings changes the geometry of the guitar, the disposition of the notes in the fretboard, the configuration of the harmonics and the resonances of the woods, accessing the modal systems of world music.


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12 “Estudías” para Guitarra

12 Estudías para Guitarra

Score book with 12 new compositions that show the richness of culture and art that migration brings. A repertoire that celebrates cultural diversity and promotes the study of popular music by finding, on the one hand, the differences that make each musical culture unique and personal, and on the other hand, the similarities that bring us closer to the knowledge of other folklores.

The book contains two annexes of text dedicated to show, in a didactic way, new techniques of guitar as the dedillo or alzapúa, with antecedents in the vihuela and the flamenco guitar, or the nail glissando inspired by the ornamentation and the own melismas of the oriental music.

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Sentir Saharaui

Sentir Saharahui

Piece included in the CD Concierto de Guitarra Creativa ORIRI that, together with Encuentros I and II, form a trilogy in homage to refugees.

It contains an appendix where a new resource is explained to interpret the melody in harmonics on treble, maintaining the binary polyrhythmic ternary characteristic of Haul music.

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Triada Celta e Codanza

Youth piece for one and/or two guitars

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First movement of the work “Esperanzas de la Almadía” for flute, clarinet and string trio

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Transcriptions and arrangements

Zemer Atik

Traditional / Arrangement for flute and piano

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Manolo Sanlucar. Elegía a Ramón Sijé (Rondeña)

12 and 8 note tremolo

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