Darío Moreira is a composer, guitarist and Galician singer with a long history of family migrations, connecting different cultures through music.

Darío Moreira’s multicultural origins reflect a wide variety of influences in his compositions. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1962, into a family of Italian-Argentine and Portuguese-Galician emigrants, who returned to Galicia in 1964. He grew up in the town of O Porriño, in an “indianos” house run by his paternal grandmother. The rhythmic sound of the train, which crosses the town through the center, is part of his first sound memories. His mother, Lucía Moreira, a native of the province of Santa Fe (Argentina), transmitted her culture to him through literature, gastronomy and music. Since he was a child he had contact with the tango of the Rio de la Plata and argentine folklore; He learned the generic “palos” of flamenco with the gypsy community, and participated in several popular music groups.

He studied Classical Guitar with professors Javier Fernández Oria, Uxío Mayo and Tomás Camacho at the Vigo Superior Conservatory of Music (Galicia), where he had the opportunity to receive master classes from maestro José Tomás, who highlighted his expressive strength. He also participated with teachers and students in jazz sessions, learning in a self-taught way. Within the folk music scene, he formed the group Na Lúa, together with Xosé Ramón Paz Antón, Pancho Álvarez, Antón Rodríguez and Ricardo Pereiro, performing a copious work as an arranger and composer on the traditional music repertoire of Galicia. They recorded 5 albums and performed at the main folk music festivals, being one of the Galician groups with more projection in the 80′s, and awarded with the Galician Critics Prize in 1989.

Faced with the need to resolve the aftermath of a youthful fracture in his left arm, he started to use in an intuitive way technique similar to the renaissance “dedillo”, which consists of the alternate pulsation of the fingertip and fingernail. This allowed him to perform scales and melodic  phrases at great speed, and also, to apply this resource on acoustic and electric guitar, getting the effect of the pick with the fingers. By observing this way of playing the string on many instruments from different times and cultures, he deepens the study of world music, applying innovative guitar techniques in his compositions and developing the capacity for improvisation, from a language full of rhythmic, melodic, harmonic and timbre resources.


Carlos Núñez. Presentation tour of the album A Irmandade das Estrelas in Galicia (1997)
Uxia. Composer and arranger of the album Danza das Areas. Previous tour to present the album: Festival de Smara in Algeria, Festival Brosella Folk Jazz Bruxelles, Expo Lisboa (1998)
Ialma Pandereteiras Group. Panta Rhey CEE project. Galician Center of Brussels La Tentation. Presentation of Amoreira Folk´s repertoire at the María Boodschap Institute and the Nêufchateau courses (1999)
María Rosa Calvo Manzano Composition of the scores Danzas para la Paz (2004) and Fantasía del Nuevo Mundo (2007)
Zoraida Ávila. Iberian Harp Competition. Composition of the score Flor de Qantu for harp and guitar (2011)
Pablo de la Cruz. Composition of the score Madera Santa for the Ecos del Mediterráneo Cycle of the 25th edition of the Andrés Segovia International Festival in Madrid (2010)
Guitar duo Artepulsado (Pablo San Nicasio and Oscar Rogado) Adaptation of the score Triada Celta y Codanza for two guitars (2011)
Collaboration in interdisciplinary music and dance projects with different artists (2007 – 2012) Mari Cruz Planchuelo (contemporary dance), Niraj Kumar (tabla), Ken Slaven (Japanese koto and violin), Ido Segal (hansa veena and violin), Lorenzo Solano (transverse flute), Carlos Guerra and Tokuko Nakamura (bansuri and voice), Nantha Kumar (tabla), Pedro Llopis (harmonic singing) and Claudia Leiva (mantra singing)
Special mention. Miquel Llobet Composition Contest (2022) 
Cantigas de Maio National Songwriter Contest. Amoreira Concert by Darío Moreira and Gabriel González Moreira (2000)
Galician Critics Award. Album Ondas do Mar de Vigo by Na Lúa (1989)
Albums by Na Lúa and the singer Uxía. Na Lúa (1985) Foliada de Marzo (1986) A Estrela de Maio (1987) Ondas do mar de Vigo (1988) Contradanzas (1991)
Amoreira ao Vivo. Live recorded concert at the Cultural Center of Porriño (1999)
Triada Celta y Codanza. Two guitar score (2010)
ORIRI Creative Guitar Concert CD (2017)
Sentir Saharahui. Score with didactic annex (2018)
12 “Estudías” para Guitarra. Score book with didactic annex (2019)